Tony Jeton Selimi is an internationally renowned Elite Life Coach, speaker, healer and author. Tony built a successful IT career; in parallel to that his true passion was learning how to maximize awareness and human potential. He studied psychology, NLP, CBT, and life coaching, as well as many eastern disciplines of natural healing of the body which helped him bring his life into balance and develop the knowledge to help others do the same. In 2009, after redundancy, he took time to re-evaluate his life, and started his entrepreneurial journey turning his passion into a successful business. His successful track record of working in senior high-pressure roles in a wide range of sectors gives him a unique insight into the lives of his clients and the daily challenges they face. Tony specializes in working with individuals who experience emptiness and feel their life lacks clarity, vision and purpose. He is renowned for his ability to get to the core of what causes these issues. He has appeared on radio as Mr Motivator, and been featured in a number of magazines.